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Monday, April 1, 2013

Wellness Journal | Saying No to ALL Meds

I'm 38 years old, a wife, and a stay at home mother of two girls, ages 6 and 10. I've been ill for the past eleven years. For over a decade I followed my doctor's advice and took the pills they subscribed. I heard often from my doctor that I needed to lose weight. Right...but, HOW exactly was never mentioned.

Not once did my doctor say to me eat local and organic produce. Not once did my doctor say to me don't eat antibiotic and hormone filled meat, never mind that the animals should be grassfed!! 

I've been eating clean for a few months now, since before the March Against Monsanto. But the more I learn and research, the cleaner my diet becomes. 

One month before the march I was diagnosed with a brain disorder called psychogenic movement disorder. I was pissed. The neurologist said that I didn't have dystonia, that my movement disorder had to be caused by anxiety. 

Huh?! What anxiety?! I was happy that I was following my voice. I was thrilled to be a part of something bigger than myself. There was not enough anxiety there to cause cramping in my arm and excruciating pain!

My husband begged me to take the medicine. I foolishly agreed, but with the stipulation that I would end it if my arm wasn't better within 30 days. At the end of that 30 days it wasn't any better. So I declared a truce with myself and my body. No more chemicals whatsoever in my mouth. That included the ten prescriptions that I was on.

A month after that I visited my doctor to discuss the MRI that was done on my brain. The MRI showed that I needed surgery for blockage in my sinuses. I had had enough. I did not want any more chemicals in my mouth. I asked my primary care physician about the psychogenic movement disorder. He said that medicine was not an exact science and, basically, I was a lab rat. Every medicine worked differently for different people. The only way to know what would cure me was to take medicines until one of them worked and then continue with that. 

Huh?! That's the game? Fill people up with pills until one worked?!

I'm NOT a science experiment!

It's been two months since I've taken any medications. I stick with holistic medicines only now. All natural--ALL THE WAY! My doctor checked my A1C for diabetes and found me to be healthier than ever before. 

What had changed? My diet. I was eating clean and mostly vegetarian. No more GMOs for me.

So, guess what? You can SUCK IT, BIG PHARMA!

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