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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Organic Lifestyle | 7 Ways to Detox Naturally and LIVE!

Like most of you, I am in the process of healing my body from the inside out. I knew that I had to detox ASAP to get all the toxins out of my body. When I asked my medical doctor if I should juice to detox faster he told me that wasn't necessary, that my body would eliminate any toxins in my body naturally. I thought about that, but that's not good enough for me. I want my body to be a super machine. I want to feel great from sunup to sundown. I want to feel like my body is capable of anything I set it to do.

1. An Herbal Cleanse

So, I decided to start with an herbal cleanse that I found at my natural health food store. I started taking the Thisilyn Cleanse over a week ago. A couple of days ago I felt like my body was fighting a war inside my body. I started breaking out with acne and I felt super tired, so I decided to up my game.

2. Warm Lemon Water Twice a Day
I have been drinking warm lemon water and honey. I call it Lemon Tea. I slice up an organic lemon and put a couple of slices in a mug with warm water (it shouldn't be HOT) and a tsp of raw honey. I drink a cup in the morning when I wake and a cup in the evening right before bed. By drinking it in the morning it helps get the digestion process going. It also works while you sleep and that's why I take it right before I go to sleep. It helps you eliminate toxins in your body, boosts your immune system, balances your pH, acts as a natural diuretic, clears your skin, hydrates the lymph system, and aids in digestion. I feel like a different person since I've been doing this. I started doing this a couple of months ago and I feel so much better since I have!

3. Echinecea Tea

Kava Kava is pictured, but not necessary in this tea. Kava Kava helps anxiety and is a sleep aid.

To combat fatigue and feeling like I'm going to keel over with an infection due to the cleanse, I've also been super charging my body with echinacea tea, GSE and colloidal silver. I buy organic loose echinacea from my natural grocery store. I use a tea ball and I drink it nightly when I'm feeling really fatigued. I add 10 drops of GSE and 2-3 drops of colloidal silver to boost my immune system. Please note that colloidal silver should only be taken when you think you need a little boost, not on a regular basis. 

4. ACV

Another thing I've been doing to boost my immunity is drinking ACV. This is one of very first things I did on my health journey and I haven't stopped because it's THE BOMB! Nothing else has boosted my immune system like ACV. I make it myself. It keeps me healthy. My ACV recipe contains turmeric and ginger juice.

5. Cut down on meat.
It's not enough just to do these things. You also have to carefully choose what you eat.  In Monika's post, Prevent Cancer Now!, she talks about pH levels. High pH levels can cause you to have too much acid in your body and that creates a breeding ground for cancer and other diseases. I have taken the stance that I will only consume meat once a day. This includes all meat: chicken, pork, fish, and dairy products. I know that this isn't for everyone, but if you have disease in your body like I do, then you really need to follow this particular advice.

6. Juice
By juicing you are ingesting all of this nutritional goodness quickly and efficiently. Your body will love you for it!

I decided to juice and tried Mota Juice. I liked it! When you juice you are removing the fiber and that helps the body access nutrients faster. In fact, juicing any or all these vegetables are important for preventing cancer. Your body craves nutrients and this is the very best way to get them into your body. Juicing floods your body with enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Take a look at this picture and think think about how long it would take you to eat all this. Wouldn't it be better to juice to get these nutrients in your body immediately?

Pretty Red Mota Juice

I felt more energized, so I decided to take it a step further and I went to town on what vegetables I juiced!! I've read that it's important to mix up your juice (just like your workouts) every once in a while so your body doesn't get used to it.  I added swiss chard, beets, and cilantro. Swiss chard has so many nutritional benefits like blood sugar regulation, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and it supports bone health. Beets' has nutritional benefits like folic acid and it's high on the cancer prevention list. Cilantro helps prevent urinary tract infections and has antibacterial effects on both bacterial and fungal infections. It also purifies water. Note: If you juice swiss chard and beets your urine will be red. Don't be alarmed, it's just cleaning you out!

1 bunch of Organic Kale
1 bunch of Organic Swiss Chard
1 bunch of Organic Cilantro
4 stalks of Organic Celery
5 Organic Carrots
1 Organic Beet and the greens attached to it
3 handfuls of Organic Spinach
1 large Organic Cucumber
2 large Organic Red Delicious apples

Juice them in any order, but I do recommend cutting the cucumber up into 4 pieces and using it when your juicer gets a little stuck after the kale. It will wash all the nutrients out of your juicer, too. The celery, carrots, and apples will do the same.

7. Get some sun!

If you're a sun lover like me then that's not a problem, but if you hate being in the sun then you need to slather on some coconut oil as a sun protectant and get yourself outside! Nothing will give you vitamin D more than the sun. Vitamin D is beneficial because it is an immune system regulator, it will keep your bones strong and it will help you regulate your body weight.

I hope you will consider what methods I've been using in your own health regime. These seven tips are a must whether you are getting over some health issues or you're trying to stay healthy. While eating a GMO free diet is important, so is going the extra mile. These tips will increase your vitality, thereby increasing your joy of LIFE. You only live once! How you choose to live that life is up to you.

Recipe | CC's ACV

ACV is AMAZING! I've never felt as good in my own body as I have since I've been taking it on a regular basis. ACV boosts your immune system like no other thing on earth. The ACV and the ginger in it will also help with inflammation and the turmeric in CC's ACV will help to detoxify your liver.

Some people say you should drink it with a straw so prevent the enamel on your teeth from being ruined, but I say that you can do that as long as it's a GLASS  or STAINLESS STEEL straw. There's no point in making this if you're going to poison your body with a plastic straw because this drink is all about HEALTH.


There are a lot of recipes out there. This is my own. I modify it every week as to what my body needs. For example this week I added 20 drops of GSE and some homemade Vitamin C.

1.5 inch nob of Organic Ginger Root*
(3) 1 inch nobs of Organic Turmeric Root*
1 gal. of Purified Water
1 c. Organic 100% Apple Juice
1 c. Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp. Organic Cinnamon powder
3-4 TB. Raw Local Honey

Juice* the ginger and turmeric. Boil some water. In the glass bowl (with the juiced turmeric and ginger) add your honey and cinnamon and then pour on the boiling water. This will help the honey dissolve properly. Then those ingredients along with the rest of the ingredients in a gallon container and mix.

*If you don't have a juicer, then you can simply chop up the roots and add them to boiling water and let them steep, but juicing is better as it gives your body direct nutrients faster. Also, if you can't find organic turmeric root at your natural health food store, then consider using 2 tsp. of organic turmeric powder instead.

I drink one to two cups a day to help my immune system. It is also helpful with indigestion and tummy trouble. I make it every single week. It's a useful home remedy that one should always have on hand!