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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Story (1 of ?)

I started having symptoms in 2009. At the time I was misdiagnosed as bipolar and I was on every psychiatric horror drug known to man. Antipsychotics (Resperdal plus many, many more), Xanax or an equivalent and ambien. My doctor was convinced I was depressed because I was always fatigued. She said I was a difficult patient and I saw her every three months instead of six.

During that time I consumed lightly here and there and it really helped. I was writing Bipolar Chica (I was a popular mental health blogger at that time) and I branched out and wrote an article for Health.com about my marijuana use. The backlash was astounding. I got mass amounts of hate mail that said that a mother that consumed was no mother at all. 

I got really scared for my family and stopped consuming for six years. It was the very worst thing I've ever done for my health, because I believe marijuana could've altered my course and that's when my symptoms started.


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