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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Research | Cannabis Oil for Neurological Disorders

My quest for answers about my neurological disorder led me to cannabis oil. As many of you may or may not know, I'm an activist for marijuana reform in Texas. It's been a passion of mine for a little while now. I became a believer when I sought something more natural to help me with pain. I've been smoking it for the past year for medicinal purposes. It's amazing for pain relief and I don't feel as unhealthy as I did while I on Vicodin.

While doing research on Parkinson's, I came across cannabis medical studies on a regular basis. These studies are about patients not only smoking it, but ingesting cannabis oil. The entire marijuana plant, using alcohol as a solvent, is cooked down into a thick resinous oil. When ingested in this manner marijuana becomes a formidable and powerful medicine. Two good videos to watch are Run From The Cure and Weed.

Run From The Cure has a bunch of important patient testimonials and it explains what the oil is and how it is made. It's important to understand this so that you can understand how it heals the body.

Weed is Dr. Sanjay Gupta's explanation of why he changed his mind about medical marijuana.

According to many studies cannabis oil can prevent further degeneration of brain cells in Parkinson's. The research does not say that it cures the disorder, but it does say that it slows it down and that's pretty wonderful news when one is facing a death sentence. Let's be frank about it. Parkinson's is a death sentence. It's a slow deterioration of the body and the mind until the soul is merely trapped at the end gasping for escape. It's not a way any of us would wish to die. So, when there are alternatives that are surfacing that are showing promising results, then one must look at all alternatives.

I have been a smoker all but five years of my nineteen year smoking life. I began smoking at age 21. I was curious about it's relaxing qualities. It helped me a ton during stressful times in my life. I smoked it a lot when I was misdiagnosed with bipolar and it was very helpful. I stopped smoking it because I started listening to my critics about what a horrible mother I was for smoking marijuana. I didn't understand at the time that cannabis has many medicinal qualities. I was still hearing the old programming and myth that marijuana is an evil drug. What people should've been saying all along is, "Marijuana has been used by people for centuries and it's a wonderful, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals."

I am not fond of pharmaceuticals. I think they're pure poison. They are wrapped up in a wholesome package, and they are far from natural. They cause more disease and I refuse to put any more chemicals into my body. I may not know what I have, but I do know that whatever I have I got from a chemical toxin.

So, I received my cannabis oil on August 15, 2014. I've been documenting it so that I can share my progress with you. I can't deny that the progress is pretty interesting and certainly contains a wow factor...

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