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31 Days to Free Your Mind about Cannabis

Welcome to my 31 Day Challenge! 

I'm part of a large group of bloggers that are blogging about all kinds of different subjects and this is my topic. I chose this topic because I think there are many, many people who are still uneducated about the medicinal benefits of marijuana and what it all entails. 

I will be sharing my vast amount of knowledge with you about the subject. I'll be broaching topics like how it is highly beneficial to both the diseased and healthy body, how it became illegal, and I'll be sharing how it benefits my neurological disorder. 

Here's a bit about me: My name is CC, I'm a mother, a fianc√©, and I love life! I'm also a marijuana advocate, the Patient Coordinator for CENTEX NORML Alliance's Texas Cannabis Patient Warriors and I have a diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder. 

Feel free to read more about me in my 'About' section. I encourage comments, sharing my blog posts, and following me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram!

Please note that I've been very ill an unable to complete the 31 days on time. However, I will be adding posts here and there. :)


  1. I have a friend whose son has Dravet Syndrome and it is amazing what a difference medical marijuana has made in his life!

  2. It is truly amazing what medical marijuana can do! :D



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