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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Research | Self Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease

I remember as a Bipolar patient that I was never supposed to question my doctors. Society thinks that doctors know everything simply because they attend college for eight years. Most people think that doctors have their patient's best interests at heart and some do, but most are more concerned with the bottom dollar than the patient.

My diagnosis has evolved over the years. It's not an easy thing to be a bipolar patient and even harder to be a misdiagnosed one. The drugs that they put you on dope you up more than illegal drugs and they pollute your liver, kidneys and brain like any other. I will go so far as to venture to say that antispychotics, antidepressants, and benzos are the kind of drugs that make you crazier than you were to begin with.

But, I digress. I want to share with you my most recent findings that suggest that what I'm suffering from was caused by a combination of GMOs and pharmaceuticals. Western medicine has given me the diagnosis of Tardive Dyskinesia, but I'm discovering that Parkinson's Disease is my true diagnosis. I'm self diagnosing myself. I'm aware that many people will think I'm crazy (what's new?!), but I say that I'm crazy like a fox. I'm not being a complacent patient anymore. I'm doing the research, standing up for what I believe in and I'm sticking to it!

Over the last six months my disease has progressed tremendously. I've gone from merely having cramping and pain (rigidity) in my left hand and arm to cramping and pain in the left shoulder and neck to cramping and pain in my right hand, arm, neck and shoulder. Since October I've developed severe dizziness from standing up (I've learned to stand up slowly, but it doesn't matter) that makes me feel faint and I've fallen a few times. Since January I've noticed a steady decline in my thought process and I find myself unable to finish my thoughts that are voiced aloud in conversation.

After researching pharmaceutical options (only two drugs for Parkinson's and one is an antipsychotic. We all know how I feel about those!) I have concluded that cannabis oil is essential for the future of my health.

Here are my educated reasons for my self diagnosis of Parkinson's:

1. I was born in Minot, North Dakota in 1974. In 1970, rapeseed began to be mass-produced in that region. Interestingly enough thereare more North Dakotans that have Parkinson's than any other place in theUnited States. The common herbicide used during that time was 2, 4-D. For those not in the know, 2, 4-D was an ingredient in Agent Orange that was used in the Vietnam war. The high prevalence of the herbicide led the Center for Food Safety's report detailing how the herbicide is the reason for the greater numbers of Parkinson's in the area. Pesticides and GMOs are a leading cause of Parkinson's. I read an article that suggests that the herbicide was over everything in the Red River Basin area and babies crawling on the ground were highly susceptible to poisoning from it.

2. At every appointment my neurologist, which specializes in Parkinson’s, has questioned why my illness is progressing when typical Tardive Dyskinesia patients don’t usually progress. In fact, they are usually all better within a couple of years after taking antipsychotics. I’ve been off antipsychotics since 2011. I’ve done some research that suggests that the antipsychotics just kicked in my Parkinson’s earlier than usual.

3. My body presents the following arguments: I have a tremor, rigidity and cramping throughout my body, andorthostatic hypotension which leads to postural instability (my blood pressure gets low and I faint or fall) with dyskinesia movements (looks like my left arm is dancing, uncontrollable), and I'm beginning to experience cognitive dysfunction (I can’t finish my thoughts that are said aloud in conversation). I have three out of the four defining characteristics that are necessary to diagnose Parkinson's.

4. Unfortunately, western medicine dictates that Bradykinesia, the last characteristic, must be present to diagnose Parkinson's. Many patients who are eventually diagnosed with Parkinson's suffer from all of the symptoms for years, maybe decades  before they actually get to the slow and jerky movements. Most Parkinson's patients are diagnosed at the median age of 67.

After researching pharmaceutical options (only two drugs for Parkinson's and one is an antipsychotic. We all know how I feel about those!) I have concluded that cannabis oil is essential for the future of my health. I'm taking steps to attain the substance legally since it is not legal in the state that I live in.

I have to move to Colorado and I'm partially unhappy about my decision. I have children here and it will tear me apart to leave them, but it is my only viable hope to living a pain free life.

I have an appointment scheduled in a couple of weeks to see my specialist, Dr. Varga, but I'm unsure if she can do anything to help me. She is one of the best neurologists in Austin. She's good at being a western medical doctor, but I'm not sure if she's up to date on cannabis research and that's the kind of neurologist I need.

I may not have a medical diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, but I know what's going on with my body. I scorn all western medicine anyway. It doesn't matter what they say. It only matters if the cannabis oil works for my symptoms and it does and that's A-FUCKING-OKAY for me!

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