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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Organic Lifestyle | Growing a GMO Free ARMY

I've been going out a lot lately. I just want to experience life and I can't do that from my apartment. Sometimes you just need people.  A few people to tell you what's what and make you laugh out of your mind.

So, tonight I visited Haymaker with a friend and it was FUN. Now I'm going to proceed to review it...the beer selection is nice. Very nice. All my IPA LOVIN' friends would be happy as well as my dark ale buds. The bar was neighborly but with that Austin edge.

They are a fresh new neighborhood bar off of Manor Road by the university. Pretty edgy and they have like 10 big ass tV's in the bar area. In a separate area they have a couple of pool tables I'd sure like to hustle. Hehehe

Their menu is shit. Full of meat and GMOs. I ate nothing. If I could've chosen one thing on the menu I would've chosen the pretzels. Just because it didn't have meat, LOL

I had a Blue Moon and a Brooklyn Lager. I love Blue Moon. I mean, they put a sweet orange slice in it...what's not to like, right? Thursday nights they have $2 off whiskeys and $1 off drafts so my beers were pretty cheap tonight!

So, I'm going to share with you how I choose my beers. I'm not a scientist. All beer is questionable because there are absolutely NO labels for beer or alcohol. It's all about what you know. I know that craft beers are apt to be more GMO free than anything else, so I try not to drink my old usual: Dos XX. I have to say that I missed it at first, but now I really like the variety. I like Mexican beers. I love the salt and lime that used to dress it. I like Victoria, but they no longer carry it at my favorite place, so I've been experimenting. I really like Stella and Fireman's 4, but I just tried Amstel Light and I liked it a lot, too.

Now, a note about restaurant ordering...You need to choose the very best item on the menu. Carefully weigh your choices before deciding. You should think about what you've decided you can and WON'T eat. I'm a no meat product girl and I still eat fish, so I look for something to accommodate that. If I don't know what's organic on the menu then I call over the manager. Yeah, I actually do that. If we don't ask for what we want, then we will never get it. They need to hear from you, the consumer, about why you want. If you don't ask then they will assume that the public doesn't care. It's through episodes such as these that the industry learns to listen to it's customer.

I've actually learned a bit about some of our restaurants in the area. Mostly mexican restaurants as I love a fresh squeezed margarita. Trudy's has organic, non-GMO menu items. Their mexican martini is toooooo die for, but you can only have TWO. They are potent! If you like a more traditional mexican flavor, then you should try Mi Madre's. That place offers more organic and local vegetables and they have MIMOSAS. The owner is slowly switching over to all organic and I believe he will soon join the grassfed revolution.

Austin, TX is coming around to our way of thinking, we just need to lead them there. Will you join our GMO Free Army?!

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