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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Editorial | GMOs, a Tool, to Aid in Killing the 'Poor Problem'

One of the biggest things that has bothered me the most about GMOs is that the government knew when they were introduced into our food supply and they did nothing to stop it. The people were the last to know about what we were being fed.

I find it hard to swallow that a government that I believed in has abused my trust. If the US government hadn't been in bed with Monsanto then this never would have happened. Like the industrial age, the US government has allowed itself to become intertwined with big business. And, like that age, I find that the corporations, aka monopolies, also have a huge amount of power. This leads to a corrupt government and corrupt business practices.

We worked so hard to get rid of these things. We got rid of child laborers, sweatshops, and even allowing hard drugs to be included in things we eat and drink. We made some great strides as a country in that age. However, I feel like we're quickly moving back into that play yard again.

A Nation Divided by Wealth

Like that era, we are becoming a poorer nation. The rich have remained rich and we allow them to have the power. Rather than striving forward with a strong middle class society, we find ourselves in a cataclysm between the very rich and the very poor. It is on the backs of the working class poor that these wealthy people stride forward.

Inequality is at its ugliest for the hungriest people. While food support was being targeted for cuts, just  20 rich Americans made as much from their 2012 investments as the entire 2012 SNAP (food assistance) budget, which serves 47 million people. 
And as Congress continues to cut life-sustaining programs, its members should note that their 400 friends on the  Forbes list made more from their stock market gains last year than the total amount of the  foodhousing, and education budgets combined. -The Salon

The Poor Problem in the United States

This situation begs the question of why the government is doing this to it's constituents. The answer is not so difficult to ascertain. The answer lies in our history. From the beginning of time we have had a poor problem in this country. Social workers began working with the immigrant poor and offering them programs in the 1900's, but the government didn't start backing them until the Great Depression. As we know more and more programs have cut back what the poor receive--welfare reform has been a huge platform for the wealthy Republicans. Have they finally found a way to strike back at the poor?

Based on wage figures from the IRS, half of Americans are below or near the poverty lines. The IRS reports that the highest wage in the bottom half of earners is about $34,000. To be eligible for food assistance, a family can earn up to 130% of the federal poverty line, or about $30,000 for a family of four. Even the Census Bureau recognizes that its own figures under-represent the number of people in poverty. -The Salon

Did the U.S. aid in creating GMOs as an answer to the 'poor problem'?

Monsanto has given the tool to the US government to get rid of the poor problem. While the wealthy continue to get wealthier and more powerful, the poor are falling due to economic crises, and lack of funding for social welfare. While Monsanto may have created the tool, the US government has taken the ball and run with it by getting in bed with Monsanto. Too many government officials, including the former Secretary of Defense Hillary Clinton and Social Justice Clarence Thomas have been employed by Monsanto. The Food and Drug Administration has had so many people come and go from Monsanto that it is impossible to tell who exactly is running that agency. 

GMOs are a tool for the United States to eliminate the poor problem. The poor are uneducated. Does that make them easily led? Their lack of education is not entirely their fault since the US is just now being awakened by the March Against Monsanto and the wool is just now being lifted from our eyes.  While the poor are dining on Chef Boyardee and Natural Light, President Obama and Hugh Grant, the CEO of Monsanto, are dining on non-processed food and organic wine. The poor must settle for chemical ridden food that will either lead to their demise or to their sterility, therefore creating a loophole for wealthy Americans to stand tall on a bridge upheld by the backs of the world's poor.

Until next time, keep watch on what you eat and remember to vote with your dollar!

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