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Monday, June 24, 2013

Activist Notes | Why I March Against Monsanto and YOU Should, Too

I March Against Monsanto. 

I would like to share with you why I have taken such an adamant stance. 

I am passionately against Monsanto, and other biotech companies, and I am marching for good reasons: (1) I want to protect the environment and (2) I want my children and their children to be alive for a very long time.

Monsanto is one extremely dangerous corporation. 

They have taken over our FDA. Yes, I know I may sound like a right wing conspirator, but I'm just a concerned mother who wanted to know what her children were eating. Although I have three plus years of college under my belt, I never graduated from college. I do not consider myself smarter than a scientist. I just do the research. Period.

How GMOs affect humans and the environment.

Genetically Modified Organisms by nature must contain a bacterial virus in order to transform a normal gene. This type of modification, whether it's to insert a pesticide or another gene to make the food hardier, is unnatural and it has unnatural consequences to both the human body and our environment. If we allow GMO seeds of disease to be produced then they will contaminate every natural living organism and there will be no more food for our future generations. Cross pollination is a powerful tool and makes it possible for GMO traits to be passed onto natural organisms. Whether that trait is pollinated or eaten is no matter. Either way, GMOs will genetically modify a plant, an animal and, yes, even humans.

These Bt toxins are making the organs in our bodies process them in an unnatural fashion. I've been diagnosed with diabetes, kidney problems and liver disease and I attribute it to the food that I have been eating. It wasn't until six months ago that I heard the term "GMOs" and I was quick to discount the term because I was afraid that it was too scientific for me to understand. When I became ill last year I started paying more attention and I started researching. The more I researched the more concerned I became. Not only for myself, but also for my children. I have only been ingesting these chemicals for the last twenty years, but my children have been ingesting them for their entire lives.

I urge you all to go home and watch A Silent Forest on YouTube. The film talks about how GMO trees have been created. These unnatural trees soak up more water than usual from the ground, creating a dry soil shattered with cracks. Because the pesticide does not work adequately enough they rain more pesticides on them and kill everything on the earth around them but the herbicide resistant trees. They have genetically modified them to be less hardy and, therefore, they rot on the ground and release carbon monoxide into our biosphere. Not the least of this is the water that the chemicals contaminate. They found these chemicals in the water supply in Denmark and banned all GMOs because of it. If it can contaminate the water supply, what will it do to the water in our oceans? We are all in this together, human and environment. If we let Monsanto and the government win this fight against GMOs, then we destroy our children's futures.

When I march I will be marching for your future, my children's futures, your children's futures and the futures of all people who are too scared or too downtrodden or not knowledgeable enough to speak up for themselves. 

I fight for my right to live. I fight for the people's rights to a chemical free future. I fight for the land that has given us life. I ask you to announce to the world that we are united, regardless of our political stances, regardless of our religious views. I believe that, in solidarity, our voices are STRONG!

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