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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Public Service Announcement | Save Your Brain and Ditch Unnecessary Pharmaceuticals

I haven't thought about all this bipolar stuff (see my article on HealthyPlace.com) in a while. I never wanted that brand on my skin, but, looking back, I brought it on myself.

I was the one who took that online quiz that I thought was the answer to my problems. The answer to my problems was to take pills to numb the emotional pain that has always coursed through me since I was a small child.

I had a horrible childhood. I was abandoned by my mother. My parents had a bitter divorce that scarred me and my sister terribly. In the course of my lifetime I have had five stepmothers, none of which ever came close to filling my void.

So, yeah, my life wasn't perfect when I received my many mental health diagnoses, but I should NEVER have turned to "legal" drugs to numb my pain. I should've done more talk therapy. I tried therapy, but it didn't work for me because I was so fucking numb from all the pharmaceuticals that I couldn't even express or process my emotions properly. Emotions should be felt, truly felt so that you can process them emotionally, rationally and with your heart. When you're numb, you can't feel. If you can't feel, then you can't heal.

The human body is not designed to process synthetic drugs. There are not enough conclusive tests to warrant absolute trust in such a corrupt system. The US government doesn't have your back because they're busy being seduced by Big Pharma as further evidenced by the Supreme Court decision to prevent generic pharmaceutical manufacturers from being sued by the people. The amount of political corruption is unbelievable, but the deliberate poisoning of billions of people for continual profit is inexcusable. They're keeping us alive, yes, but, they continually poison us so we will continue to seek a pill to make it all better. In the mental pharmaceutical world that means BIG profits for them, not us.

So, I'm doing all I can to make my chemical consumption as little as possible. I do have to take Klonopin for my tardive dyskinesia and I have a horrible migraine health issue, but my goal is to eliminate as many chemicals as possible. I went a year and a half without any pharmaceutical drugs and my body has not yet cleansed all the chemicals out of my body. I've done a detox, made dietary changes, and I'm about to do another thorough heavy cleanse (details to follow).

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