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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Treatment Plan | Turmeric

 I've been buying a different size of canning jars every month so we can get rid of the PLASTIC.
People complain that everything costs so much before they go GMO Free, but it can be cost effective if you change your eating habits like making sure you only make what you're going to eat. One way to offset the costs of organic food is to make your own holistic teas. I prefer them to pharmaceutical pills!

Every month I add another holistic med to my repertoire. This month I added the spice turmeric. I've been doing a lot research about Turmeric. Turmeric is nature's very best medicinal spice. The stuff is potent and I LOVE it.

Here's what I've found out about Turmeric...it's a godsend when you're ill with a cold, stomach problems, pain and mental health!

Turmeric Sore Throat Remedy+Take 1/4 tsp of organic Turmeric (no fillers) and swallow. Do not eat or drink for 20 min, repeat up to 3 x day until eased. Should only need to do it once or twice.

Turmeric Runny Nose Remedy+Take 1/2 tsp in a glass of warm water 1/2 hour before meals 2x day for 2 days. It will dry the nose. As a general tonic use as a condiment in cooking.

Turmeric Immunity Tea*This tea makes 24 oz. of tea. Drink a demi-size tea cup and save the rest to drink for the next couple of days. 
Ingredients1 tsp. Organic turmeric powder or 1/2 tsp fresh grated turmeric root+1 TB Honey
1 tsp. Organic ginger powder or 1/2 tsp. Organic fresh grated ginger
1/2 tsp. Organic cinnamon
1 tsp. Organic Echinachea
10 drops of GSE
3 drops of Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver
24 oz. Water
Splash of Almond Milk
InstructionsPut the echinachea in a steel tea ball in a cup. Add the turmeric, honey, GSE and cinnamon. Boil water then add it to a big glass canning jar. 

Turmeric Wellness Tea*Drink this tea when you're ill with a cold. 
Ingredients 1/2 tsp Organic turmeric powder or 1/4 tsp fresh grated turmeric root+1/2 tsp Organic ginger powder or 1/4 tsp fresh grated ginger1/2 tsp Organic cinnamon1/2 Organic lemonPinch of fresh grated black peppercorns1 TB Manuka Honey1 tsp. Sovereign Silver Colloidal SilverSplash of Almond Milk
Combine all ingredients and add a cup of water to a teacup.
*Remember that if you're giving these teas to children under the age of 10 that you give them half the amount than an adult would drink.

Turmeric Diarrhea Tonic
Ingredients1 tsp. Organic Turmeric Powder or 1/2 tsp. fresh grated Organic Turmeric Root+5 oz. Warm water (warm not HOT)
Mix well and drink fast. Repeat in one hour if needed.

+For all Turmeric remedies I suggest using fresh grated turmeric if at all possible OR juice it. I buy my turmeric at Natural Grocer, a natural food store in town. I cannot find fresh turmeric root anywhere else. It works quicker than the powder.

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