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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wellness Journal | Storm

patient note

very stressed yesterday. i woke this morning full of pain. my instant thought was that today i was going to experience a storm attack which normally lasts from three to nine days. i had a negative thought, "oh, gawd, here comes another week of pain" and it made me panic. i recognized it and immediately counteracted it with positive thoughts of "i will be fine" and "if it's meant to be who am i to stop it?". it is an effective bandaid. still sore and in pain, but my mental ability to deal with it is ever so much better! Morning sex didn't hurt either! ;)


pain goes from neck down to mid back over to shoulder into the ball socket and down into my elbow and into my cramped, c shaped fingers
my ring finger, middle finger, index finger and thumb are numb and in the claw position during the day
middle finger is getting worse in numbness and i can barely feel it during a storm.
dizziness when i'm just moving from one place to another on the bed and it freaks me out
mild headaches continue (probably allergies)
stress when i can't think a thought all the way through without forgetting midway and this bothers me when i have to run meetings

current treatment

once weekly meditation (i know i've been slacking!)
no pharmaceuticals
no alcohol
marijuana as pain and anxiety control
daily acv
organic diet
restricted intake of restaurant food

treatment needed

daily meditation

daily finger exercises
daily mirror exercises
daily 1 lb. weight arm exercises
three times weekly meditative yoga

diet/holistic changes needed

15 day detox
three times daily acv
candida cleanse

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