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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Concentrate Smoking | 8 of 31 Days to Free Your Mind about Cannabis

Concentrates are marijuana plants that have been cooked in a solvent. That means that hash, hash oil, and cannabis oil are all classified as concentrates. Concentrates are merely a stronger, more concentrated form of marijuana which is wonderful news for chronic pain patients wanting some relief. There are quite a few devices that you could use to smoke concentrates and I will detail them below.

Kief in the bottom of a grinder.

Consuming Concentrates...

The most important pieces of advice I can give
...the healthiest pieces of advice...
are to always smoke out of a water filtration device
and to smoke concentrates cautiously 
until you're an experienced consumer!

Penguin Dabber by Chaka Glass
Hash has gotten quite a bad rap since most people associate hash as being a harsher drug when, in reality, it is merely marijuana cooked down. Hash is stronger because the kief (holds most of the trichomes) in the marijuana is used to make it. Dabs, also known as earwax, wax, or shatter, is a form of hash oil that has been cooked into a fine, see through sheet of concentrated liquid which dries hard.
Storing resin in a glass jar is a healthier option.
Another type of concentrate is resin. I would just like to say that I adore resin. I think it's pretty awesome that, after smoking the dry herb, that it is converted into a resin that can be smoked by itself. It is in between the consistency of a gooey dab and a cannabis oil. It is thick and, when smoked, is very potent in odor. There are two very important reasons why I adore resin. One is the fact that it's basically recycled weed because the dry herb got me high and then there's still this left over to smoke! And, two, is that the concentrated resin will get you higher than dry herb and it is extremely potent for chronic pain patients. Collect resin whenever your bong stem gets full into a glass jar and store with the lid screwed on tight to prevent the resin from drying and becoming hard.

Cannabis Oil
A third type of concentrate, and the most important, is Cannabis Oil (also known as Hemp Oil). Cannabis Oil is what everyone talks about when they discuss what cures cancer. When making cannabis oil, the plant is cooked down into a food grade solvent and then it is ingested or smoked for various ailments. This oil is not easy to come by in illegal states or Colorado. Colorado has some sort of law that says that regular people can't get their oil tested and it's causing medical marijuana patients to have difficulty acquiring this very important medicine. It is when the whole plant is ingested that true internal healing and curing can begin. For our purposes here I will be showing you how to smoke it, but in future posts I will be going into further detail about ingesting it.

There are many types of devices to smoke concentrates and I will list them by their ease of use and tell you how to use the device.

The Pipe*
...glass water pipe or bong is recommended
Recommended for the Intermediate or Experienced Cannabis Consumer

$75 on Artfire

Fill your bowl with dry herb and pick up your dab or resin with your dabber. Place the dab into the marijuana and roll it into the herb. Light and smoke it. Be advised that this is a more pungent smoke. You will need incense even if you think you won't!

A Different Method of How to Use a Pipe to Smoke Concentrates Video.

The Vape Pen*
...for concentrates or cannabis oil
Recommended for the Intermediate or Experienced Cannabis Consumer

I love vape pens! They are so easy to use, they hardly smell when used, and you can use resin, cannabis oil or dabs in this handy vape pen. I have a bubble vaporizer attachment that I use on an old Amazing Vaporizer. A couple of puffs and I'm in heaven! I especially love it for the times when I find it difficult to smoke because I cough very little when smoking out of this device!

How to Use a Vape Pen Video.

The Recycler
Recommended for the Experienced Cannabis Consumer

For dabs, resin, or cannabis oil consumption.

Concentrates with the names of earwax, wax or shatter are all forms of hash most commonly called dabs. Dabs have taken Colorado and the nation by storm. They are a more concentrated version of marijuana, so they should be smoked with caution. I recommend a puff or two or a pin like size dab on your dab nail or dabber for your first time because just those couple of puffs will get an experienced dry herb smoker really, really stoned.

How to Use a Recycler Video.

Smoking dry herb or concentrates are really easy once you get into it. Instagram is a really great learning tool for anyone wanting to learn more. Just search '#dabs' and you'll come up with a wealth of knowledge and videos on how to use all the up to date devices. If you come across CoralReefer420, tell her I said hi!

Whatever device you use to smoke concentrates is of little importance. The most important thing is that you find relief from your illness and its symptoms!!

Stay tuned for a post on edibles! YUM!!!

*Home concentrate consumption is advised, but driving with concentrates is not. Most illegal states have laws with harsher fines and jail time. In Texas one can face a lifetime in prison for possession of concentrates.

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