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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dry Herb Smoking | 7 of 31 Days to Free Your Mind about Cannabis

Now that we've discussed The Endocannabinoid System and how cannabis is the key to unlocking that system, then we can move onto the fun part - Consuming Cannabis! Cannabis can be consumed by smoking or ingesting. This post will discuss the most popular and quickest way to consume cannabis--smoking!

It can be challenging to for new patients to avoid overmedication, since many of the tools --like bongs and vaporizers-- don't come with many instructions on how to use them or how to have a controlled dosage, so I've gathered some info on my favorite consumption devices.

Consuming Dry Herb...

The most important piece of advice I can give
...the healthiest piece of advice...
is to always smoke out of a 
water filtration device.

The Pipe
Recommended for the Beginner, Intermediate, or Experienced Medical Marijuana Consumer

Glass Bubbler is in-between a pipe and a bong.
Finding the right dosage is pretty simple. You just start by consuming a small amount and work up to an amount that is pleasurable to you and that is effective against your health symptoms. For example, if you've never smoked before then I recommend that you smoke out a pipe for the first time. I recommend a "bubbler" like the one pictured above. It is a water pipe, not a water bong.

"Just a little bit" is a saying that goes a long way for your first time consuming cannabis. I recommend taking two puffs and waiting for 15-30 minutes to see how you feel before consuming more on your first time.

How To Smoke a Pipe Video.

The Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen
Recommended for the Beginner, Intermediate, or Experienced Medical Marijuana Consumer

Smoking out of this vaporizer is good for on the go, but smoking out of glass is healthier.

When you're a medical marijuana patient the best thing you can do for yourself is to buy one of these pens. This is the most important smoking device for anyone on the go. Vaporizers work by heating dry herb or concentrates to a temperature at which the active ingredients boil off and form an inhalable vapor, but below the temperature at which these ingredients approach precombustion or combustion. It's important to note that these are relatively new devices and it is easy to purchase a cheaper one and give up because they don't work. You'll need to purchase one in the $150-250 range for it to work properly and for a long duration of time.

How to use a dry herb vaporizer.

I highly recommend the dry herb pen over a concentrate pen (I will be covering concentrates in a future post) for those that live in illegal states. Some states have stricter laws for concentrates and in those instances concentrates are only recommended for in home use. 

The Joint
Recommended for the Intermediate or Experienced Medical Marijuana Consumer

A joint is a cheap way to smoke, but smoking out of glass is much healthier.

I recommend a joint for two plus persons because a joint is a lot to smoke at one time for one person, however a couple of puffs on this is possible and you can put it out carefully by just snuffing out the flame. For a joint you will need papers, a grinder, and enough cannabis to fill it. You will grind your medical marijuana and place it in the center of the paper and then roll it up using this technique by Eg0re!

How to Roll a Joint Video.
*Metal grinder is a Healthy choice.

The Bong (Ask for "Water Pipe" in Head Shops)
Recommended for the Intermediate, or Experienced Medical Marijuana Consumer

*Glass is a Healthy choice! Use Everclear and epsom salts to clean.

For many smokers, the bong is a personal accessory that is highly sought after for it's design and function. Bongs, or the preferred term of "water pipes" at marijuana paraphernalia shops, are beautiful pieces of glass that are used to consume larger amounts of cannabis. If you are having a bad pain day, then a bong hit is what you'll need. You fill the the bong full of clean, fluoride free water and small chips of ice and you fill the bowl with weed. You will light the bowl and inhale it at the same time. The amount of smoke that comes out depends on how hard you suck, so it's really easy for a newbie to suck in too much smoke. I've found that the easiest way to control that is to suck slowly while lighting the bowl and pull the bowl out of the bong quickly (this stops the marijuana from smoking more) to suck in all the air at one time. If you leave smoke in the bowl and suck it out afterwards, then it will make you cough hard.

How to Smoke a Bong Video.

The Volcano Vaporizer
Recommended for the Experienced Medical Marijuana Consumer

A volcano is not easy to come by, but it can be purchased at some of the nicer head (paraphernalia) shops, but it can be cheaper to find online. I just recently tried a volcano vaporizer for the first time and I loved it. I could taste the delicate flavors of the marijuana and I didn't cough at all (I'm a hacker usually). I appreciated the fact that I could smoke very easily with this device!

The way it works is that you insert the herb into the top middle. You lock the bag into place, turn on the machine and watch the bag fill with the vapor. It is then smoked through the tube and passed around like a joint at parties. The bags that come with it can be reused a lot of times.

How to use The Volcano Vaporizer Video.

Stay tuned for more posts about edibles, oil, and concentrates!

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