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Friday, July 5, 2013

Activist Notes | Dormant No Longer!!

The world is awakening. The world is beginning to view government as a tool of the people, not the people as tools. I, for one, am glad that Texas is gaining speed on this worldwide phenomenon. We need more voices to speak out against injustices!!

My cause is the food movement. We are demanding the right to know what's in our food without having to look it up in a dictionary. Food should be one right, whether you're conservative or liberal, that is universal.

As a March Against Monsanto organizer, my aim is to ban all biotech companies from taking over our food system. I'd rather my food be in the hands of the farmer, than a corporation who's only goal is to increase profits. All these corporations are banding together. The Food and Drug Administration is acting like the puppet master. They are moving around the puppets like Monsanto and Big Pharma. Their common goal is to make the American people sick so they can cure them. Let me repeat that again...their goal is to make the American people SICK...and that's sick!!

It costs a lot to eat organic, but it costs even more not to!

As always, keep watch on what you eat and vote with your dollar!

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