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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wellness Journal | Migraines and Vertigo

My disorder is progressing and that's scary shit.

This morning I awoke and my right hand hurt. When I put that together with the fact that my hand now has an occasional tremor it worries me. I knew it was going into that hand before I saw the doctor last. I just wanted to know if I was making it up in my head before I said anything.

The tremors in my whole body started last week, too. When I relax my body my torso and both arms shudder with uncontrollable spasms.

It worries me for a few reasons. ONE: I don't know how much longer I can work. TWO: How much worse can this get?


I just got out of the shower. I had to sit down in the shower because I had another dizzy spell. I wonder why it does that in the shower? That's the third time it's happened in there. Only had it happen once outside of the shower.

I've had a migraine for a few days now. It's not going away. Light bothers me.

I know it seems like I'm complaining. And I am. But I'm also documenting this stuff.


This morning my migraine got so bad that I felt so light headed and dizzy every time I stood that I ended up on the bathroom floor. I was supposed to go into work at 11am. I napped for three hours. It's after 3pm now and I still have the migraine. Dizziness seems to be gone. Just took two Advil Migraines. Hope they work.


It's midnight. Still have a headache and had a bit of dizziness this evening after orgasming (orgasms help with pain control).

I'm going to bed. Tomorrow will be a better day. If I think it, then it will be so.

Night, all.

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