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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Treatment Plan | The Secret: Belief + Intent + Action = A Healthy Me!

I went for my very last doctor appointment this week and it made me decide not to see another western medical doctor again. I've made this decision because I need to focus my energies elsewhere. My mental health needs them the most and I don't have time to have negative energy make waste of the progress I've made when it comes to how zen I've been feeling lately.

I've been doing a lot of research and I keep finding myself equating neurological disorders and mental illness. They seem so intertwined with one another. They are all deeply affected by chemicals and react so similarly with medical marijuana. I've been exploring organic food and marijuana as treatment plans for my neurological disorder, but I believe there's something more...something that all of us should have as a wellness treatment.

One realm I keep coming back to in my research is to think positive. In fact, I believe that there are the parts of the brain that have yet to be explored and there is much to understand between how our food and medicine affects the brain and how positive energy affects it as well. Positive thinking, aka the placebo effect, is pretty intriguing. Is it really mind over matter? And what does that have to do with the law of attraction and my wellness plan?

I believe that there's an area of the brain that is unexplored that when activated regenerates cells in the human body. 

There is much scientific evidence that says that placebos are real. If people think that a medicine cures them that it will. Think about what that says about the power of the mind. Think about what this could mean for all neurological patients. If I'm correct, this could be another avenue towards wellness.

The law of attraction says that in order to have something wonderful happen in your life that you have to believe it into existence. If you believe and you know your intent, then it will be so. But it's not enough to have belief and intent. You must also have time to visualize it happening. Visualize it and it will be so. Take five minutes out of the day to remember a time when you felt the most loved. Remember how it felt, what it smelled like, the colors. Now feel that. Use it to combine with the intent that you want. Continue this practice daily. Remember not to dwell and worry about what you want. At the end of your visualization give it up to the universe. Don't think upon it further. The more you think and think about it, the more negativity you put into it. The best thing to do is live in the moment and let go of all control and all responsibility for the outcome.

This philosophy will require some thinking and retraining of the brain. I have to learn to let go of control and let go of my daydreaming. I have to visualize what I want and what I want is wellness. I need to visualize myself as healthy. What would that look like? What would I do if I weren't confined to my home all day? What would I accomplish? And do I want that? What is it that I want? Do I want to be healthy?

If the answer is yes, then I visualize how beautiful, happy and healthy I am. Notice the language. I did not say that I would hope that I was beautiful, happy and healthy. I said that I already was. Assume that it is already the way you envision it.

I believe the secret is a simple equation. Belief + Intent + Action = Healthy Me. At least that's my new treatment philosophy!

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