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Friday, August 29, 2014

Wellness Journal | Symptom: Depression & Memory Problems

Pain Level: 
8 out of 10. (10 being the worst).

2:12 am: can't sleep, head hurts, anxious, can't feel anything on my skin. I don't want to wake Bill and worry him. :(

Progression notes: 
I'm having bouts of depression at least once a week. Just incredible sadness and grief over what I'm going through. This morning I cried for hours.

New therapies: 
got my second supply of oil today from my very sweet benefactor! I get free oil in exchange for documenting my progress! Not too shabby!!!

What's going on in my life today: 
This week Angel had to go to the emergency room because she thought she was having a stroke or a seizure. She told me on Monday morning right after I had just taken a large dose (something was going on that day with me and my pain I think), so I absolutely forgot. I didn't even tell Bill. Looking back I remember bits and pieces of the conversation and I think I thought that it wasn't a seizure at the time so dismissed it figuring I would explain later or something. She sent me a pic of her hand. I noticed it looks similar to mine during the worst if the storm. I gave her a few tips on hand massage and we agreed to do weekly skypes to keep up with our progress.

Started out shaky. I was crying because I was in terrible pain and because I was scared for both me and my sister. I know it's not my burden and it's my intention to learn how to release it. If I don't it will poison my relationship with my sister and I've taken an oath to avoid all poisons! ;)

Happiness Level: 
6 out of 10. (10 being the best.)

Stress Level: 
7 out of 10. (10 being worst.)

Bedtime and Sleep issues: 
hard time sleeping due to pain.

Marijuana consumption: 
Smoked a couple of times, but smoking out of a pipe here and there I can do without coughing so hard I want to vomit. The oil is so much better!

A Sample Cannabis Oil Dosage:

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