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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wellness Journal | Cannabis Oil Concentrate Short Study Day 2

I took the first dose last night and feel fine. I felt it almost immediately. My spouse says that's not possible, but it's how I felt. Within an hour I was pretty woozy. This morning I woke to less pain and my hand and wrist look somewhat normal!!!

10:40 AM 
Pain level: 6 out of 10.
Time for my next dose at 11am, then again at 4pm and 10pm.

Didn't take a dose at 11 AM so it took some more at 1 PM. I'm kind of getting used to the taste.

1pm Cannabis Oil Dose

8/24/14 Notes: 
I was so super doped up the rest of the day that I didn't do much! I was woozy and tired. I kept falling asleep whenever I sat still for just a moment. It was kind of surreal how much it made me tired. I was still feeling pain, but nothing like before.

The dreams were impressive. I've never had such lucid dreams before. I also remember waking up in a panic, like a panic attack, thinking that something was wrong. Realizing nothing was wrong, I drifted back into sleep. Sleep was really difficult the first night mostly because my sleeping was so lucid. I knew what was going on around me and during my dreams. It was very odd and I had a difficult time adjusting to the feeling.

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Help with the cramping and the tremors but doesn't get rid of them.

Going to get a scale today and some gelatin capsules. 

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