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Monday, August 18, 2014

Wellness Journal | Cannabis Oil Concentrate Short Study Day 4

Pain level: 
4 out of 10. (10 = worst.)

Woke up at 5:30, took first dose, no high but fell back asleep. Woke, smoked. Ate another dose at 8am bc I was in pain. Don't feel high, but don't feel much pain. Still a little pain in right and left biceps. My wrist is nice and straight! I don't think my dose is right (according to my instructions) so I'm going to take another one. The dose should be large enough that you feel drugged or high, but not so much that you're nauseous.


9:48 am:
Feel tired and a little drugged.

2:53 pm: 
Took a bigger dose bc the last had little effect. Big tremors and cramps.

5:36 pm: 

I just woke up from a nap. Wow, that was an intense 2 hour high. Tired. Guess that's the right dose according to my instructions.

Before I fell asleep I was having more tremors and cramps. Now there's a small persistent tic or two, but the tremors feel better. Cramping still happening. I told Bill that I think I'm about to have a storm or, perhaps, I'm already in one because there were many movement and tremors when not medicated.

Pain level:
3 out of 10 (10 = worst).

7:19 pm:
I feel like this is a storm. My right side is cramping, but it's like a shadow of the usual storm. It's masked, I can feel the rigidity and the tremors, but they aren't as present. and it hurts less. But it's it's usual oh gawd I'm losing control of my body again. I have absolutely no control. A moment of panic. The very minute I remember... Welcome to the eye of the storm...Btw: cognitive brain fog...

9:30 pm:
Before dosing I'm tired, still a bit high and happy.
Oil is not too shabby with chocolate either!

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